© Sputnik / Sergei Averin
On Friday, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics announced the evacuation of their citizens to Russia’s Rostov Region over a dramatic escalation of tensions along the Donbass line of contact and a possible full-fledged offensive by the Ukrainian army.
A shell may have exploded on the territory of the Tarasovsky district of Rostov region, a kilometer away from the state border of the Russian Federation with Ukraine, a law enforcement source told Sputnik.

“The explosion occurred at 4:00 am [01:00 GMT], 300 meters from one of the households in the village of Mityakinskaya,” the source said.

It was added that the blast caused no injuries and no material damage. Law enforcement officers are working at the scene of the incident.
Earlier, as the situation on the line of contact between Ukraine and the DPR and LPR worsened in the past days, with the Ukrainian army launching an attack against the self-proclaimed republics, Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics announced the evacuation of their citizens to Russia’s Rostov Region. In accordance with an agreement with the Russian authorities, places of reception and accommodation have been prepared.