Kargu-2 Autonomous Rotary Wing Attack Drone STM

The newest systems of fighting against drones (counter-unmanned aerial systems, or C-UAS) from Russia’s concern Avtomatika, an affiliate of Rostec, are capable of fighting against microscopic class drones, Avtomatika CEO Vladimir Kabanov told TASS in an interview.

“The UAVs of this type (microscopic – TASS) are equipped with low radiation modems, but our radars and technical reconnaissance means identify them well enough,” Kabanov said.

Avtomatika keeps improving its counter-drone technologies non-stop.

“We push ahead with increasing the range at which the UAVs can be identified and the range of counter-measures against them,” Kabanov said.

The past few years saw a considerable impetus to the development of miniature UAVs the size of the palm of a human hand. These drones are very hard to detect. Most C-UAS systems are helpless against them.