Russian flag

Russia’s embassy in the UK has urged the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to stop dangerous rhetorical provocations about Ukraine, explaining anti-Russian propaganda by the fact that London was being on the sidelines of real diplomatic processes.

“We strongly urge London to stop foolish rhetorical provocations, which are very dangerous in the current overheated situation, and contribute to the real diplomatic efforts to ensure reliable guarantees for European security,” the representative of the Russian diplomatic mission told TASS.

“The latest news, concerning Russia’s plans to bring to power in Kiev former Verkhovnaya Rada deputy [Yevgeny Muraev], who remains under Moscow’s sanctions as a person posing a threat to national security, is completely anecdotal,” the embassy noted. “Having found itself on the sidelines of real diplomatic processes, <…> London views its role in the constant incitement of anti-Russian sentiment,” the embassy said, castigating the UK’s statements as ridiculous. “The logic is simple – every day accuse Russia of plotting ‘inevitable’ invasion of Ukraine and try to play the role of an ideological leader, defending itself from ‘autocrats’ and aiming to ‘free the world’.”

The Russian embassy also pointed to the degradation of the British expert potential in the Russian and Ukrainian direction. “We see the true professional level of people who, along with these absurd statements, are sending deadly weapons to Ukraine, building up their own military presence near Russian borders and encouraging Kiev to sabotage the Minsk accords,” the embassy said.

On Saturday, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office stated that Moscow was planning to bring a pro-Russian government, which allegedly could be headed by former parliamentarian Yevgeny Muraev, to power in Ukraine.