Project 12322 "Zubr"

UEC Saturn, a subsidiary of Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC), has produced domestic seaborne engines for Project 12322 ‘Zubr’ and Project 12061 ‘Murena’ air cushion amphibious assault ships, UEC Deputy CEO Viktor Polyakov announced on Tuesday.

“The M70FRU-2 engines have been produced and placed for safe storage on the territory of the enterprise. These are the engines for the first Zubr- and Murena-class lead air cushion ships,” the deputy chief executive said, adding that the M35R-1 gas turbine power plant for the Zubr project was also ready.

Before 2014, similar engines for ships were either delivered by Ukraine’s Zorya-Mashproekt enterprise or produced in cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov earlier announced that the Khabarovsk Shipyard had received a large order from the Defense Ministry for building Zubr- and Murena-class amphibious assault ships. In particular, contracts were signed for eight Murena-class landing ships. Their construction is due to begin in 2021, as stipulated by the country’s state armament program, Borisov said.

Project 12322 Zubr-class warships are the world’s largest air cushion amphibious assault ships. They displace about 550 tonnes and can take up to 150 tonnes of cargo on board. The Russian Navy currently operates only two warships of this class: the Yevgeny Kocheshkov and the Mordovia.

The Project 12061 ‘Murena’ is an air cushion amphibious assault ship. It is armed with two 30mm AK-630 automatic guns and eight Igla man-portable air defense systems. Its mine armament consists of a set of portable equipment for laying from 10 to 24 mines, depending on their type. The Russian Navy currently has no ships of this class.