Nord Stream 2

Specialized Russian ships to complete the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the German logistics port of Murkan (the logistics center for the construction of the last remaining section of the pipeline in Danish waters) have started loading gas pipelines, according to Russian media, citing social media reports. recordings of the mentioned activities.

The German port of Murkan is currently home to key Russian pipelayer Akademik Chersky, which has returned to the port after three weeks of sea testing of its recently modernized technical systems to complete work on the pipeline, which will connect the Russian and German coasts to the Baltic Sea. parallel to the already operational Nord Stream pipeline.

We remind you: in December last year, the United States imposed sanctions against all companies that will participate in the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2, just about a month after the planned completion of all works. Due to the threat of inclusion on the US sanctions list, all ships that had performed the work until then withdrew, and they were companies from the EU – the Swiss company Allseas and the Italian company Saipem. After that, Russian Gazprom began to form its own fleet of specialized ships to complete the remaining works.

The U.S. State Department also recently prepared an additional package of sanctions against Nord Stream 2, included in next year’s U.S. military budget to be passed by Congress in November-December. It also includes companies involved in the modernization of ships to complete this pipeline (although work on the said Russian ship has already been completed in this regard), all insurance companies, ports and other logistics centers, as well as legal and natural persons providing support. project, etc. This has angered official Berlin, which is now working with Brussels to find solutions to counter increasingly aggressive US pressure on the EU over energy issues in general.

Of course, Germany is the one who has to make the final decision as far as Nord Stream 2 is concerned, because even if the Russians complete the remaining 160 kilometers (about 80 km of each of the two pipes) of the pipeline, it means nothing if, for example, Germany and officially gave up on its completion.