Nord Stream 2

Moscow, January 10. Average temperatures in Europe have risen, affecting the supply of natural gas from Russia in the first week of the new year. Writes about this “Kommersant”.

Gazprom has reduced the amount of fuel supplied to Europe. Thus, exports through the territory of Ukraine almost halved, supplies through the Turkish Stream fell by 1/3, and the Yamal-Europe trunkline still remains unclaimed.

The Slovak gas transport operator Eustream recorded that the average daily volume of Russian supplies to the EU through Ukraine for the period from January 1 to 9 decreased to 54 million cubic meters, which is about 55% lower than was observed at the end of December.

It is noted that exports within the Turkish Stream fell by 37% and amounted to 25.4 million cubic meters per day. This is reported by the Bulgarian gas transmission operator. Experts believe that the decline in supplies was influenced by weather changes. The fact is that in the last days of December, as well as in early January, the temperature in Western and Central Europe was high enough for the season. For example, in the French and German capitals the temperature on December 31 reached 12 degrees, and in Vienna it rose to 16 degrees.

The weather also affected gas quotes. The cost of blue fuel at the end of December was about $ 800 per thousand cubic meters, although on December 21 it was $ 2,000. The rise in oil prices and some cooling subsequently fueled energy prices in January.