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Moscow calls on Minsk to stop escalating unnecessary negative emotions ahead of presidential elections, Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, published on its website Thursday.

“It is necessary to stop the escalation of unnecessary – especially ahead of the presidential elections – negative emotions,” the statement says.

Moscow counts on Minsk’s measured and objective approach to the investigation of all circumstances regarding the Russian citizens, apprehended in Belarus earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry said.

According to the Ministry, Minsk’s odious interpretation of apprehension of the 33 Russian citizens “withstands no scrutiny.”

“The attempt to present the incident as a foreign meddling in the republic’s affairs causes bewilderment, at the very least,” the statement says. “The Belarusian authorities, including the air transport ones, have all papers, required to determine the truth.”.

Source: TASS, July 30, 2020