Iranian flag

Russia will temporarily prohibit regular and charter flights from the Russian Federation to Iran and backwards starting February 28, a representative of press service of the Russian Transport Ministry told reporters on Thursday. Only Aeroflot and Iran’s Mahan Air will continue operating flights.

Flights will be performed only from Sheremetyevo’s Terminal F.

Currently Aeroflot is the only Russian airline to operate flights to Iran, it performs one flight per day. A source close to the ministry told TASS that Iranian airlines occasionally perform charter flights to Russian regions.

“Starting 00:00 February 28, regular and charter flights from the territory of the Russian Federation to the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran and backwards will be temporarily suspended. The ban does not cover Aeroflot and Mahan Air. Flights from Moscow to the Islamic Republic of Iran and backwards will be performed strictly from Terminal F of the international airport Sheremetyevo,” the ministry said.

Flights to China were suspended earlier. It is also planned to suspend flights to South Korea amid the spread of the coronavirus starting March 1. Flights to those countries will be suspended for all airlines except those operated by Aeroflot and foreign national carriers. Those flights will be moved to the isolated Terminal F.

Source: TASS, February 27, 2020