Russia's President Vladimir Putin during a video conference meeting on the COVID-19 cornavirus situation in Russia, at Novo-Ogaryovo residence. Alexei Druzhinin/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised to think about creating his personal blog.

During a meeting Friday, one participant noted that Putin could make a good blogger, and offered Putin to think about it.

“Thank you very much; I will indeed think about it,” the head of state replied.

The participant, a teacher himself, spoke about his own experience of blogging and called on his colleagues “not to turn a blind eye to the mediasphere,” because it can help them uncover their own potential and be on the same page with children. The president noted that he supports this call.

“If you cannot prevent something, you must lead it,” Putin said. “And it is impossible to prevent this, because this sphere develops and will continue to develop, gain new possibilities, including in the AI field.”

According to the head of state, “one cannot hide” from development of these fields.

“Just like one cannot forbid the Sun from rising, this [field] will develop as well,” he added. Therefore, according to the president, it is better to lead this movement.

“Otherwise, indeed, you will find yourself on a roadside, and you will fail not only to realize your potential, but you will fail to realize your main functions – to properly affect the kids, the schoolchildren,” Putin explained.

According to the president, “a teacher will say one thing, while the life will go on somewhere far away,” and it would be impossible to properly educate schoolchildren.

“It is clear that a lot depends on the teacher in the traditional educational process as well. But the thing you mentioned – the media component – it has become very important in education in upbringing as well. Then, of course, it should be used, I support you,” Putin said, adding that the authorities will facilitate it as well.