Akademik Chersky

According to EADaily, the resumption of construction of Nord Stream 2 may begin in early November – after the pipelayer completes sea trials, and in Mukran on board it will complete the last work after that.
“According to information from Marinetraffic and Vesselfinder, the Nord Stream 2 pipe-layer continues to be located between Kaliningrad and Klaipeda near the Curonian Spit and is undergoing sea trials. Yesterday, the supply vessels Umka and Finval arrived at Akademik Chersky from Mukran, which also perform the functions of anchor-breeders: spreading, setting and removing anchors. Judging by their location, since yesterday the “Morspasluzhba” courts have taken the pipelayer for “stretching”. They have taken on board anchors on both sides of the Akademik Chersky, are laying them, and now the stability of the vessel is being checked during pipe-laying, “the message says.

Until the completion of the project, it remains to complete the construction of 160 kilometers of the gas pipeline, and about 20 kilometers of each branch falls on the German waters of the Baltic Sea.