Snipers take part in exercises held by the Russian Baltic Fleet's naval infantry at Khmelyovka training ground. Vitaly Nevar/TASS

A new Russian semi-automatic sniper rifle for Ground Forces undergoes state trials, Ground Forces commander Army General Oleg Salyukov told Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

“Currently, state trials of an upcoming 7.62 mm semi-automatic sniper rifle and optic sights with improved specifications are underway,” he said.

According to the general, development of new firearms, including grenade launchers, is one of Ground Forces’ priorities.

“Along with future weapons, we pay significant attention to the development of new gear, new firearms, grenade launchers and ordnance,” the commander said.

Currently, the most advanced Russian semi-auto sniper rifle is SVDM, a 7.62 rifle, developed by Kalashnikov Group (a Rostec subsidiary)