Belorus's Presudent Alexander Lukashenko (Photo Credit: Sergei Fedeichev/TASS)

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko accused some of his rivals in the upcoming presidential elections of illegal funding of their presidential campaign Thursday.

“He [presidential candidate Valery Tsepkalo] sold his house to some company, the money was paid, but he still lives there. What is this? This is campaign funding. And he, the cheeky one, runs, all clean and fluffy,” Lukashenko noted, according to BelTA news agency.

The head of state called on his opponent to speak out about why he was fired from the position of the head of the High Tech Park of Belarus.

“I asked him to tell why he was fired, the famous one. He still does not talk. We wait. When the time comes, we will tell ourselves,” Lukashenko said.

Source: TASS, June 4, 2020