The effort to clear the area of mines is set to start on Tuesday (Photo Credit: Deutche Welle)

Kiev believes that a document proposed at the 2020 Munich Security Conference on Friday containing ideas to achieve settlement in Donbass is a private initiative and voices its disagreement with its provisions, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a comment.

“The document [entitled] ‘Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region’ is a private initiative of a group of politicians and experts passionate about issues of international security and the situation in Ukraine,” Ukrainskaya Pravda newspaper quotes the ministry as saying.

“Provisions contained in this document do not reflect the official position of the Ukrainian state,” the ministry added. At the same time, the diplomatic agency recalled that the Munich Security Conference itself lowered the status of the published plan after it attracted criticism. “According to the management of the Munich Security Conference’s information, the conference also does not recognize this material as an official document of the conference. Its text was deleted from the conference’s official website,” the ministry stressed.

Earlier on Friday, the website of the Munich Security Conference published a document entitled ‘Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region’. The European Leadership Network was cited as the author of the plan. The document proposed additional checkpoints in Donbass, redoubling efforts to look for those missing and mine clearing. Moreover, proposals were put forward to study economic capabilities of the European Union, Russia and western companies to revive infrastructure in eastern Ukraine as well as aspects for easing sanctions imposed on Russia.