Iranian flag

On Sunday, the first Iranian fast response drone vehicle with special communications equipment based on advanced technologies was unveiled.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the Iranian vehicle is equipped with advanced technologies, including surveillance balloons with operational capacity in all circumstances of accidents, natural disasters and crisis areas.

The agency quoted by the Director General of Communications and Information Technology in the Iranian province of Qom, Syed Reza Mousavi, that this aerial vehicle was designed and produced for the first time by one of the companies for drones in the province.

Mousavi said: “So far, many innovative and unique projects have been implemented by accelerators and startups in the province, in the field of new technologies, including this vehicle, which has unique features.”

He would add that this vehicle, with its advanced technological equipment with excellent features, would play a very effective role in directing relief operations and driving them in disasters and crises.