Photo Credit: GreekMilitary.Net

The Greek Minister for Development, Adonis Georgiades, stressed that Athens is not afraid of a military conflict with Turkey, against the backdrop of the escalation of tension between the two parties in the eastern Mediterranean.

On Sunday, the Greek City Times website quoted Minister Georgiades as saying, in an interview with THEMA 104.6 Radio, his belief that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is “subject to constant delusion,” adding: “Threats to wage wars and spill rivers of blood in France or insult Macron (French President), in this way, should cause great concern among the Turkish citizens, because it falls outside the scope of diplomatic and political norms. ”

The minister continued that Erdogan aspires without any doubt to revive the Ottoman Empire, warning Ankara not to make a mistake by underestimating the level of Athens’ willingness to defend its interests.

He said that whoever believes that Greece feels fear is making a “grave mistake,” noting that the Greek fleet in the Aegean Sea witnessed in the last 35 days the biggest mobilization in decades.

The minister stressed that “this step led to a sharp increase in the level of combat preparedness of the Greek army and made Greece more prepared for a war scenario than many had thought.”

Georgiades said that Greece disappointed those who thought that it would collapse under the pressure of “the Turkish commotion,” noting that Turkey is now facing a big internal problem, which is that “a large part of its citizens do not realize that all this harms their lives.”

He continued, “Things are not easy for Mr. Erdogan, because Turkey is not a superpower as many believe. It is a strong country and deserves to be respected, and it will remain our neighbor forever, but we are not afraid of it … and we will not yield to threats and will not give up on what belongs to us.”

The Greek minister called on Turkey to realize this fact so that there would be a “good and peaceful future” for both peoples.