Photo Credit: GreekMilitary.Net

On Saturday, the Greek Army announced its readiness to respond to any steps by Turkey, threatening to “burn everyone who sets foot on Greek soil.”

A Greek news website quoted the statements of the Chief of Staff of the Greek Army, Constantius Florus, who did not rule out the occurrence of a “military conflict with Turkey in the event that Ankara proceeded to cross the red lines,” noting that “the military conflict is possible, and no one can exclude this possibility. And if anything like that happens, this will not be limited to one point, but will widen immediately. ”

Florus also stated that “whoever attacks the Greek armed forces will pay a heavy price, and the neighbors know this,” stressing that “Athens knows what to do in the event of a Greek attack.”

He announced the Greek Minister of Defense is ready to do anything to protect its sovereign rights, including military action against Ankara.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey have recently reached a decade-long-high after Ankara began the exploration process of the eastern Mediterranean waters.

Greece has created an alliance with several nations in the eastern Mediterranean, including Cyprus and Egypt, to contain Turkey, despite Ankara’s warnings to Athens.

Source: Almasdarnews, June 21, 2020