Photo Credit: GreekMilitary.Net

The Greek media reported that two people had been arrested on the island of Rhodes on charges of spying for Turkey and violating the law on security procedures in defensive sites.

According to the Greek City Times, one of the accused was working on a passenger ship sailing between Rhodes and the island of Kastellorizo, near the coast of Turkey, while the second worked in a consular institution in Rhodes.

It is believed that these two people were filming warships and military sites of the Greek army and handing over the footage to an employee of the Turkish consulate.

For its part, reported that it is talking about Greek Muslims, which intelligence suspects that one of them, a secretary at the Turkish Consulate in Rhodes, has recruited the other, who is the cook on the aforementioned passenger ship to take pictures of Greek ships in the area.

These activities began in August, and the security services quickly imposed restrictions on the two individuals. The cook’s home was also raided and his personal electronic equipment was confiscated.