Turkish stream 1 and 2

The Russian-owned Fortuna gas pipeline laying vessel has completed two-thirds of the undeveloped section of line B (one of the two pipeline pipes) of North Stream 2 in Danish waters. The project operator plans to complete work on the ship in the Danish economic zone in May and in Germany in June.

Following the resumption of construction of Nord Stream 2 in Danish waters, the smaller Fortuna laid 34 kilometers out of a total of 49 km of pipeline, as evidenced by the ship’s position on the pipeline route with coordinates published by the Danish Maritime Bureau.

Over the last 24 hours, Fortuna has built about 900 meters of pipeline. The ship is currently building the pipeline with the support of five supply ships and with a construction supervision ship.

According to the plan, by the end of May, Fortuna will complete work on the Danish section of Nord Stream 2, and in June it will complete the construction of 13.9 kilometers of line B in German waters.

Meanwhile, the large Russian pipelayer Akademik Chersky has arrived at the starting point of the completion of line A in Denmark’s exclusive Baltic Sea economic belt. He is to lay 68.5 kilometers in Danish and another 16.5 kilometers in German waters. Its technical characteristics, unlike Fortune, which lays a maximum of 1,100 meters of gas pipes per day (mostly depending on weather conditions), allow it to lay up to two thousand meters of pipes per day, which is almost twice as much and faster.