Valery Korovin

By Vladimir Gujaničić

Today, as the whole world watched in real time with disbelief the war between Russia and Ukraine in the heart of Europe and prayed for peace, together with journalists from Italy, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in Moscow we had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Valery Korovin.

Director of the Center for Geopolitical Research. Is it a peace operation or the occupation of Ukraine? Or did Russia decide on a rematch in 2014? Mr. Korovin answered those questions. Mr. Korovin, why did Russia invade Ukraine and why right now?

“It’s not an attack, it’s a Peace Operation, known as the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, which was developed by Canada in 2005. The United States has used it many times before 1991 as an excuse and suggestion for its military operations. As of 2014 and 2015, when the Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreements were signed, Ukraine did not meet the terms of the agreement. Eight years passed, and the Donbas war continued. Before Russia, there was no other option but to conduct a special military operation to demilitarize and denationalize the whole of Ukraine, all with the aim of ending the Donbas war. The aim is to ensure the strategic security of Russia and Belarus. In addition to the Russian Army, the armies of Donbas and Luhansk, which Russia recently recognized, are taking part in the peacekeeping operation. The Ukrainian army and its military infrastructure will be destroyed. “With this operation, Russia has put an end to the neoliberal world order.”

The fact is that the Russian Army will establish control over Ukraine. How will the Russian Army be received in Ukraine? Is a guerrilla and partisan war possible in Ukraine?

“In 10 days, the Russian army will destroy the Ukrainian army as well as the Nazi paramilitary organizations, and will establish control over the whole of Ukraine. The current Ukrainian authorities, as well as their supporters, will then be arrested and tried. Guerrilla warfare is not possible, because according to our sociological research conducted 1 year ago in Ukraine, only 30% of the population of Ukraine is ready for war.

And throughout history, Ukrainians have always changed sides after a change of government. The fact is that in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, the majority of the population is pro-Russian, and will welcome the Russian army as a liberator.

“In central Ukraine, the population is neutral, but Western Ukraine is the core and core of Ukrainian nationalists, and Russia will face problems in that area, but they too will be overcome and resolved.”

What is the reason for Russia to decide on such a step now?

“Ukraine is an integral part of Russia’s history. Everything built in Ukraine was built by Russia and the Soviet Union. Our peoples are connected by a common history, culture, worldview, religion, as well as our common economy created in the Soviet Union. In 2014, through a coup in Kiev, the United States brought Ukraine under its control. The United States and the European Union then deceived Russia, disrespecting the agreement signed between then-President Yanukovych and the Ukrainian opposition. As a result, an anti-Russian government came to Kiev, which carried out open genocide against the Russian population, and which sought to change its identity and history. The Russian language was banned and the Russians marginalized. For the past eight years, the West has been arming Ukraine, poisoning the Ukrainian nation to create hatred for Russia. Russia today decided to launch a strategic offensive in all fields.

“The United States and the West today understand that Ukraine is in Russia’s sphere of strategic interests, and that Russia is ready for anything because of Ukraine.” What next with Ukraine? Occupation, division or creation of pro-Russian government? “As President Putin has said, this is a special peace operation aimed at neither occupying nor dividing Ukraine. Every war ends at the negotiating table with an agreement. Unfortunately, in history, Russia has won many times on the battlefield, but then lost it all at the negotiating table. But now that will not be the case. Russia will establish control over the whole of Ukraine, new institutions will be created. The Russian army will be the guarantor of security. An interim government will be created, and after the situation normalizes, parliamentary and presidential elections will be held. A government will be elected that will cooperate with Russia, as well as with the whole world. “The Russian army will then withdraw from Ukraine.”

How does Russia plan to win over Ukraine’s population? The fact is that the Russian soft power has not been effective in the past. How will Russia solve that?

“For 8 years in Ukraine, but also before, there was an open anti-Russian policy and propaganda in all fields. The field was systematically worked on by the Ukrainian authorities, but also by the West, and hatred towards Russia was created. Unfortunately, Russia does not react in time, does not create a policy