auto-pilot combine

The developer of artificial intelligence systems for unmanned vehicles Cognitive Pilot will supply the Russian agricultural and food company Rusagro 242 unmanned combines to work in the fields of Belgorod, Tambov, Kursk and Oryol regions, as well as Primorsky Territory.
Not so long ago, unmanned vehicles seemed fiction, and now reality is a much more complex technique that does not require the active work of a person in the cockpit. Agriculture, labor-intensive in past eras, in turn, becomes more and more technological and requires less and less human involvement. An unmanned harvester developed by Cognitive Technologies in collaboration with Tomsk scientists was first tested on a field near the village of Karbyshevo in the Tomsk Region just last year.

The supply of 242 unmanned combines to Russian fields is already called the largest introduction of unmanned systems in the world. At the same time, an unmanned combine harvester does not mean that it will be a completely new machine from wheels to the roof – it is just a robot that can be installed on any model of an existing combine harvester no earlier than 2009-2010.

Combines with neural networks are able to work in a variety of climatic zones, at the same time their capabilities will be tested and improved there. According to Olga Uskova, president of Cognitive Technologies, in the course of this work a neural library will appear, an archive immediately in different temperature histories, which is important for the further development of unmanned combines.

“The combiner remains inside the car,” said Olga Uskova in an interview with Sputnik Radio. – But it ceases to deal with management issues. He begins to work as an agricultural engineer. This dramatically improves the quality and quantity of the harvest. The economic effect of such a robot will be 40%. If a person gets tired or in a hurry, he begins to podgazovy, and at high speed the grain spills out. The robot does not allow this, it goes with the correct set speed, does not give the opportunity to violate the regulations and does not give the opportunity to steal on the field. It will not be possible to go left, pour grain into a corner and ask a neighbor to pick it up. Plus this is a serious lengthening of the working day – there is no fatigue, which makes it possible to harvest faster and is an important factor given the vagaries of the weather.