South Asia

Everything that informs geopolitics can be found in South Asia: challenging demographics, geographic diversity, and contentious, ill-defined borders.


Exclusive: Iran Positions ‘Suicide Drones’ in Yemen As Red Sea Tensions Rise

Iran appears to have sent deadly drones to its allies in Yemen as Middle East tensions heat up across the Red Sea, another major flashpoint where rival forces operate,...

Russia’s defense chief vows to strengthen military interaction with Vietnam

MOSCOW, June 11. /TASS/. The defense ministries of Russia and Vietnam will continue developing military and military-technical cooperation, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at talks with his Vietnamese...

IRGC Practices Crippling US’ THAAD System

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The IRGC forces have successfully exercised an operation to incapacitate the US’ THAAD missile defense system in the course of a massive war game in southern...

Iran Launches New Energy Projects

TEHRAN (Tasnim) –Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday inaugurated three large projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.Marking the Administration’s Week, Rouhani inaugurated the three megaprojects at a...

Passenger jet crashes in Pakistan

At least 107 people were aboard the passenger plane that crashed near Pakistan’s Karachi on Friday, Reuters reported citing a representative for Pakistan International Airlines. There were 107 people on board the...

Goa Shipyard begins production of stealth frigates for Navy, delivery likely by 2026

Goa Shipyard Ltd on Monday commenced production of the two guided missile frigates, which are being built in collaboration with Russia’s Yantar Shipyard for the Indian Navy. GSL expects...

Iran is preparing to send another satellite into space

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:35 A.M.) – The head of the Iranian Space Organization, Mortada Barari, announced that his country is about to make a sensing satellite with an accuracy of...

Wakashio splits, adding more fuel to Mauritius oil spill

JOHANNESBURG – The grounded Japanese ship that leaked tons of oil near protected areas off the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius has split apart, officials said Saturday, with...

Pakistani Army shoots down Indian spy plane near disputed border

The Pakistani Army announced on Saturday that it shot down an Indian spy plane after it entered the country’s airspace in the Khanjar sector, which is located on the...

Indian army demands complete withdrawal of Chinese military along disputed border

The Hindustan Times quoted military sources on Monday as say that Indian army representatives insist on the full and rapid withdrawal of Chinese forces from the Line of Actual...

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JP Morgan: The Russian economy is doing better than expected after the introduction of...

The large American bank "JP Morgan" estimates that the Russian economy is doing better than expected after the introduction of Western sanctions, and that...

Greenpeace: United Kingdom imported more than $ 275 million in Russian oil during the...

The British government has imported Russian oil worth 220 million pounds ($ 276 million) since Moscow declared war on Ukraine, according to a new...

The Hell of Volnovakha

The battle for this strategically important place was fought for two weeks. With the fall of Volnovakha and the northbound frontline push, a railway...

Turns Out Ukrainian ‘Civilian’ Targets Aren’t Exactly Civilian After All (VIDEO)

KIEV - In a sea of NATO and Ukrainian propaganda, disinformation and fake news, it is often nearly impossible to see through the fog...

The Ghosts, Soldiers of the Forgotten War

Shocking testimonies from the frontline. A war documentary you will watch without a blink. The War in Donbas has been ongoing for eight years now....