Middle East

The Middle East is the world’s crossroads. It encompasses the Arabian Peninsula, the mountains of Iran, the plains of Turkey and the deserts of the Levant.


Iran Unveils $1.8 Billion Project to Export Oil From Outside the Gulf Avoiding Strait...

Iran has been planning for years to set up a terminal outside the Persian Gulf, which would remove the need for its tankers to travel through the Strait of Hormuz and create a new export route for its crude.
Houthi fighters with captured SA vehicle (photo Al Masirah/Houthi Military Media Center/Reuters TV)

Saudi vehicles destroyed, Saudi-led troops & officers taken prisoner in alleged videos of Houthi’s...

Yemeni Houthi rebels have released footage of what they say was a victorious offensive on the border with Saudi Najran province.
An Iranian military truck carries a Bavar-373 air defence missile system during the Army Day parade in Tehran on April 18, 2015 (photo AFP 2019 / BEHROUZ MEHRI)

Russia and Iran May Discuss Deliveries of Air Defence, Electronic Assets – Military Tech...

Russia does not rule out discussing with Iran deliveries of air defence assets and radio-electronic equipment to the country, as well as the creation of an integrated system of Persian Gulf security.
Representatives of Syria and Iran at meeting held in Tehran on 24th September 2019 (photo SANA)

Syria, Iran discuss developing joint strategic economic cooperation

Syria and Iran discussed means to develop strategic cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economy, investment and production, particularly in the petroleum and oil industry.
President al-Assad with Iranian delegation (photo Sana)

President al-Assad to Khaji: Importance of continuing constructive coordination among Syria and Iran and...

President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday received Ali Asghar Khaji, Senior Aide of the Iranian Foreign Minister for Special Political Affairs
Remains of the weapons which Saudi government says were used to attack an Aramco oil facility, are displayed during a news conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia September 18, 2019. (Tehran Times)

Reuters seems frustrated U.S. not striking Iran for Aramco attacks

It seems Reuters and other western outlets are bent on nudging the idea of war forward, picking up the anti-Iran narrative and running with it.
Dilyana Gaytandzhieva (Twitter @dgaytandzhieva)

Serbia Files: An interview with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

Interview with author of Serbia Files Dilyana Gaytandzhieva regarding United States arming Islamic State fighters with Serbian weapons.
An S-400 air defence missile system at the Hmeymim airbase (photo Sputnik)

Russian S-400 system on alert to deal with Israeli F-35 jets

The Russian Armed Forces in Syria have put their S-400 air defense system on alert to deal with potential Israeli Air Force incursions inside the country.
Damage on Saudi oil refinery installations (AP Photo / Amr Nabil)

American Military Doctrine Backfires, Hyped and Extortionate US Air Defenses are Pathetic

The American offensive doctrine has now backfired in Saudi Arabia and authorities in Riyadh are looking to Washington in the hope that it will soon help them stop the attacks from Yemen.
Russian troops on patrol in the eastern Syrian city of Deir el-Zour in September (photo George Ourfalian AFP)

The concept of transparent war: Russian bases in Syria available to NATO journalists

Russian Ministry of Defense's "Transparent war" which aims to make Russian anti-terrorist operations fully accessible to the domestic and foreign media.

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US proposes longest possible extension of New START treaty with Russia by five years

Washington says it is of utmost importance in light of tensions in US-Russia tiesWASHINGTON, January 22. /TASS/. US authorities seek to extend the Treaty...

Ethiopia accuses ‘third party’ of pushing Sudan to war

The Ethiopian army has warned Sudan against a “third party” pushing it to go to war with Ethiopia, calling for “commitment to resolving the...

Large US military convoy enters northeast Syria after Damascus demands immediate withdrawal

A large U.S. military convoy was seen entering northeastern Syria on Thursday, marking the first time since Damascus issued its letter to the United...

Twin suicide bombings rock central Baghdad, at least 32 dead

Twin suicide bombings ripped through a busy market in the Iraqi capital on Thursday, killing at least 32 people and wounding dozens, officials said...

Syrian Army reinforcements head to Daraa amid buildup for potential operation

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) sent reinforcements to the Daraa Governorate on Thursday, following reports of a new buildup for a potential operation in...