Middle East

The Middle East is the world’s crossroads. It encompasses the Arabian Peninsula, the mountains of Iran, the plains of Turkey and the deserts of the Levant.


Iraq military bases: US pulling out of three key sites

The US army is pulling out of al-Qaim and two other key military bases in Iraq in the coming weeks. The decision to leave three of its eight bases in...

Iraqi factions vow to attack US forces in Iraq until they fully withdraw

BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:20 P.M.) – Several Iraqi factions issued a joint statement on Saturday in which they vowed to target the U.S. forces until they fully withdraw from Iraq. According...
An S-400 air defence missile system at the Hmeymim airbase (photo Sputnik)

Turkey is proposing to deploy the S-400 anti-aircraft weapon system in Libya

Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, acquired by Turkey about a year ago, will be deployed in Libya, blocking the airspace of this country from the appearance of any drones...

Russian jets launch heavy strikes over western Aleppo amid ongoing Syrian Army attack

Beirut - The Russian Air Force launched a heavy assault over the western part of Aleppo on Saturday, as they continue to support the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in...

Resistance is bigger, greater than to be taken down by some liars: Nasrallah

The important parts of his speech, which ended moments ago, are as follows؛I had previously said I want to speak to you on Wednesday before the disaster. I wanted...

Iranian forces ready to destroy all US interests in region

Referring to the personality of late Imam Khomeini (|RA), Major General Hossein Salami in a TV interview late on Saturday said that the founder of Islamic Revolution resisted the...

Russian and Syrian jets launch heavy strikes on central Syria for 2nd day in...

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 P.M.) – The Russian and Syrian air forces conducted several strikes over the central region of the country, following a string of Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) last...

Brent prices below $25 per barrel first time from May 2003

Brent oil futures with delivery in May 2020 fell by 13.3% to $24.9 a barrel on the London-based ICE on Wednesday. Brent prices were below $24 per barrel last time...

Russia allegedly transports 6 Syrian jets to Iran after Israeli attack: media

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:30 P.M.) – Earlier this month, the Israeli Air Force carried out a powerful attack on a Syrian military site that stored several aircraft, including six MiG-29...

Biden set to declare atrocities committed against Armenia were genocide

President Joe Biden on Saturday plans to follow through on a campaign pledge to formally recognize that atrocities committed against the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire more than...

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New move in Ukrainian clampdown on Russian language

Russian-language media in Ukraine will now be forced to publish a secondary version in the country's official tongue under a new law that selectively...

Energy Iran opens its first super heavy oil refinery in Qeshm

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi is to officially inaugurate a first super heavy oil refinery in Iran on Friday as the country moves ahead with...

Rio Tinto is not leaving Serbia, land acquisition continues

Despite the mass protests that took place in Serbia and the announcement of the Serbian government that the "Jadar" project could be suspended, the...

After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over

What happened in Kazakhstan increasingly looks like a US-Turkish-British-Israeli-led coup d'etat attempt foiled dramatically by their Eurasian adversariesThe year 2022 started with Kazakhstan on...

Wendy Sherman: NATO again warns Russia about severe costs if it invades Ukraine

The United States and allies once more warned Russia at the Wednesday meeting of the NATO-Russia Council about significant measures if Moscow invades Ukraine,...