Middle East

The Middle East is the world’s crossroads. It encompasses the Arabian Peninsula, the mountains of Iran, the plains of Turkey and the deserts of the Levant.


Iran media celebrates ‘increased attacks’ on US in Iraq

The US has said that either the attacks are ordered by Iran or use Iranian weapons, according to Iranian media.On September 10, a katyusha rocket was reportedly fired at...

Quds will never be forgotten, Rouhani says

“Quds will never be forgotten. Quds will not remain in occupation of the tyrants. The Palestinian land will be liberated someday. We will never accept this aggression and tyranny...

Iran defies US sanctions and threats to transport Venezuelan oil

On Sunday, Bloomberg News reported that the Iranian oil tanker “Ndros” had arrived on the Venezuelan coast, and is expected to receive a large amount crude oil from the...

Iraq rocket attack hits U.S. forces, killing contractor

A rocket attack on U.S.-led forces in northern Iraq on Monday killed a civilian contractor and injured a U.S. service member, the U.S. coalition in Iraq said, in the...

Iran unveils first aircraft used for first response operations

On Sunday, the first Iranian fast response drone vehicle with special communications equipment based on advanced technologies was unveiled. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the Iranian vehicle...

Syrian Army strikes jihadist defenses after attack on Russian airbase

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:25 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) struck the jihadist rebel defenses in southern Idlib on Tuesday, following an attack on Hmeimim Airbase and coastal city...

Large Turkish army column of reinforcements heads to northwestern Syria

The Turkish military sent a new column of reinforcements to the northwestern region of Syria this week, following some attacks on their forces in the Aleppo Governorate. According to a...

Abu Obeida: Hamas has used a new type of rockets Ayyash 250

The military wing of the Gaza Strip-based Hamas Islamist movement said on Thursday that it had fired a rocket toward the Ramon International Airport in southern Israel shortly after...

Operation Caucasus-2: Soviet aid to Syria in the 1982-1983 Lebanese war

Today, we are witnessing the prolongation of the conflict between Syria and Israel, which is mostly taking place in the field of aviation and air defense. In the relentless...

Trump Says Israel and Sudan Reach Peace Accord

President Donald Trump said Friday that Israel and Sudan had agreed to a peace deal, following on accords his administration helped negotiate between the Jewish State and United Arab...

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Gustavo Petro

Historic Win for Left: Gustavo Petro Wins Colombian Elections

Bogota-SANA-Leftist candidate Gustavo Petro maintained a five percentage point difference, with 50 percent, against Rodolfo Hernandez during Colombia’s presidential runoff, with 79.6 percent of...

EU forced to buy Russian oil to prevent Putin from earning even more –...

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the European Union is forced to buy Russian oil so that Putin...

JP Morgan: The Russian economy is doing better than expected after the introduction of...

The large American bank "JP Morgan" estimates that the Russian economy is doing better than expected after the introduction of Western sanctions, and that...

Greenpeace: United Kingdom imported more than $ 275 million in Russian oil during the...

The British government has imported Russian oil worth 220 million pounds ($ 276 million) since Moscow declared war on Ukraine, according to a new...

The Hell of Volnovakha

The battle for this strategically important place was fought for two weeks. With the fall of Volnovakha and the northbound frontline push, a railway...