Middle East

The Middle East is the world’s crossroads. It encompasses the Arabian Peninsula, the mountains of Iran, the plains of Turkey and the deserts of the Levant.

Turkish UAV shoot down in Idlib

According to the reports from social media Turkish army's drone was shoot down UAV in Idlib. Turkish forces make inkursion into Syrian territory last few weeks after Syrian Arab Army...

Russian delegation reminds US that occupied Golan Heights is Syrian territory

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, mentioned to the authors of the “Deal of the Century” that the occupied Golan Heights is Syrian territory. “Yesterday, Washington’s vision...

Greece vetoes NATO statement supporting Turkey in Syria

The Permanent Mission of Greece to NATO on Friday evening vetoed a statement that the alliance was preparing to make in support of Ankara, following the recent killing of...

Israeli warplanes strike western Syria from Lebanese territory

The Israeli Air Force launched a new round of strikes on Syria, targeting the Hama Governorate for the second time in thirty days. According to a field report from the...

Surrendering militants say US plotting sabotage attacks in Syria

A group of 27 militants who underwent training at a US military base has surrendered to the Syrian government army. After surrendering, they reported that the US is plotting...

Kataib Hezbollah Spokesman: US Forces Surrounded In Iraq

BAGHDAD – Spokesman of Kataib Hezbollah group Jaafar al-Hosseini said that the American forces are surrounded by the resistance groups in Iraq. “Many people are not aware that now the...

Syrian-Russian attacks pierce through ISIS defenses in central Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:40 P.M.) – The Syrian and Russian armed forces managed to inflict heavy damage on the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) hideouts and bases in central Syria this weekend.According...

Jihadists suffered heavy losses in failed attack in northwest Hama

A source from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) revealed on Tuesday that the jihadist rebels suffered heavy losses during their failed attack in northwestern Hama yesterday. According to the source,...

Biden administration approved $735 million arms sale to Israel

President Joe Biden's administration approved the potential sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to Israel, and congressional sources said on Monday that U.S. lawmakers were not expected to...

IED attack against US convoy in south of Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saraya Thorat Al-Ashrin Al-Thaniyah group declared that its forces targeted a US convoy by an IED in the al-Batha area in the northwest of Nasiriyah. According...

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New move in Ukrainian clampdown on Russian language

Russian-language media in Ukraine will now be forced to publish a secondary version in the country's official tongue under a new law that selectively...

Energy Iran opens its first super heavy oil refinery in Qeshm

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi is to officially inaugurate a first super heavy oil refinery in Iran on Friday as the country moves ahead with...

Rio Tinto is not leaving Serbia, land acquisition continues

Despite the mass protests that took place in Serbia and the announcement of the Serbian government that the "Jadar" project could be suspended, the...

After Kazakhstan, the color revolution era is over

What happened in Kazakhstan increasingly looks like a US-Turkish-British-Israeli-led coup d'etat attempt foiled dramatically by their Eurasian adversariesThe year 2022 started with Kazakhstan on...

Wendy Sherman: NATO again warns Russia about severe costs if it invades Ukraine

The United States and allies once more warned Russia at the Wednesday meeting of the NATO-Russia Council about significant measures if Moscow invades Ukraine,...