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To the west of Eurasia lays Europe, a region predisposed to division. It is surrounded on nearly all sides by islands and peninsulas that make it difficult for Europe to cohere. Europe is a continent riven by pockets of distinct cultures whose differences are all too often irreconcilable.


New coronavirus strain, first detected in UK, is found in 41 countries, territories

Proliferation of the highly contagious novel coronavirus strain, first detected in Britain, has now been confirmed in 41 countries and territories, the World Health Organization said in its COVID-19...

Erdogan: Turkey, UK to sign free trade deal this week

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday a free trade deal with London would be signed on Tuesday and completed after Thursday, when Britain formally leaves the European Union. The...

Medicine to prevent patients from developing COVID-19 tested in UK

A medicine that can potentially prevent people exposed to novel coronavirus from developing COVID-19 is now being tested in the United Kingdom, the Guardian reported on its website Friday. The...

A Brexit trade deal at last: EU and UK clinch narrow accord

Britain clinched a Brexit trade deal with the European Union on Thursday, just seven days before it exits one of the world’s biggest trading blocs in its most significant...

EU representatives agree on six-month extension of sanctions against Russia

Permanent representatives of the 27 member states of the European Union agreed on a six-month extension of economic sanctions against Russia, which expire on January 31, 2021, a source...

Greece arrests 2 people on charges of spying for Turkey

The Greek media reported that two people had been arrested on the island of Rhodes on charges of spying for Turkey and violating the law on security procedures in...

TOP NEWS: Finishing works on the “North Stream 2” gas pipeline have started!

Russia's specialized ship Fortuna has begun laying gas pipelines on the unfinished section of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in German Baltic Sea waters, the project operator Nord Stream...

UK Royal Navy says about “significant Russian presence” close to British waters

The UK Royal Navy has claimed that British warships have been monitoring "significant Russian presence" close to UK waters, the Royal Navy said on Saturday. "The Royal Navy has monitored...

Hungary and Poland Create The Unbridgeable Gap of the Great Reset

Author: Tom LuongoThere comes a point where negotiation becomes surrender. Those actively undermining you will always demand more than their right. Those behind the Great Reset have been creating...

New Israeli Navy INS Magen Sa’ar 6 corvette arrived in Haifa from Germany

According to a video released by the Israeli Navy on December 2, 2020, the new Israeli Navy Sa'ar 6 corvette INS Magen built by the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine...

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US Tells Turkey it Won’t Be Sending Navy Ships to Black Sea

The United States has cancelled this week's planned deployment of two warships to the Black Sea, Turkish officials and media said Wednesday, amid high...

Russia closing Kerch Strait for six months

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has reportedly announced it will close the waters leading to the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black Sea and the...

Syrian FM demands US pay compensation for ‘heavy damage’ to the country

Damascus demanded that the American administration “compensate for the heavy damage and heavy losses inflicted by the American aggression and occupation against the Syrian...

Norway to allow U.S. military to build on its soil in new accord

Norway, which shares a short border with giant neighbour Russia, said on Friday it has signed a revised agreement with the United States on...

Dmitry Peskov: Russia sets no preconditions for Putin-Biden summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin set no preconditions for the presidential summit, proposed by his US counterpart Joe Biden during the recent phone call, Kremlin...