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To the west of Eurasia lays Europe, a region predisposed to division. It is surrounded on nearly all sides by islands and peninsulas that make it difficult for Europe to cohere. Europe is a continent riven by pockets of distinct cultures whose differences are all too often irreconcilable.


Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll lowest since April 12

Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy rose by 482 on Saturday, the lowest daily increase since April 12, while the number of new cases was stable at 3,491,...

Kyriakos Mitsotakis: Coronavirus handling shows Greece no longer “black sheep” of Europe

Greece is no longer the black sheep of Europe, having shown discipline and resilience in its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said. He also said in...

French coronavirus death toll tops 18,000

The French coronavirus death toll has reached 18,681, head of the country’s health authority Jerome Salomon said at a press conference broadcast on the Health Ministry’s Twitter account. "As many...

Russian military medics help treat coronavirus patients in Serbia

Russian military medics examined and helped treat 28 coronavirus patients in the Serbian city of Nis, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday. "Two teams of doctors and nurses took part...

As death toll soars, UK finance minister warns economy could shrink by 30%

Britain’s finance minister has told colleagues the economy could shrink by up to 30% this quarter because of the coronavirus lockdown, a newspaper reported, as the soaring death toll...

Germany debates easing restrictions as new infections drop

Senior politicians in Germany have begun debating a potential easing of restrictions imposed over the coronavirus epidemic ahead of a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday. On Monday, Merkel...

The Shameful Actions Of The Defeated And How To Annoy The Russian Bear In...

The fate of Czechoslovakia on the eve of and especially during World War II was not enviable, to say the least. The Munich agreement sealed the fate of the...

Russian military disinfects retirement homes in three towns in Italy’s Lombardy

Russian military specialists have disinfected retirement homes in three settlements in Italy’s Lombardy, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service said on Sunday. "Russia’s military specialists jointly with the servicemen of...

British PM Boris Johnson discharged from hospital

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been discharged from hospital after spending three nights in an intensive care unit being treated for COVID-19 and will continue his recovery at...

Spain sets out back-to-work guidelines as coronavirus death rate slows

Spain’s government on Saturday set out guidelines for people returning to work under a loosening of lockdown restrictions, while the country reported its lowest one-day increase in deaths from...

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Russia’s embassy calls on London to stop dangerous provocations about Ukraine

Russia’s embassy in the UK has urged the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to stop dangerous rhetorical provocations about Ukraine, explaining anti-Russian propaganda...

Ukraine receives second batch of U.S. weapons in Russian stand-off

Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov said on Sunday the country had received a second consignment of weapons from the United States as part of...

German navy chief resigns over controversial comments on Putin, Crimea

Germany's navy chief stepped down on Saturday after drawing criticism for saying Russian President Vladimir Putin deserved respect and that Kyiv would never winback...

Baltic nations to ship Washington-endorsed arms to Ukraine

The Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plan to send U.S.-made anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, a move that the United States...

Qatar and US talk gas supplies as Russia threatens Ukraine

The talks with Qatar and some EU nations have focused on new ways to secure alternative seaborne liquefied natural gas cargoesOfficials are concerned that...