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To the west of Eurasia lays Europe, a region predisposed to division. It is surrounded on nearly all sides by islands and peninsulas that make it difficult for Europe to cohere. Europe is a continent riven by pockets of distinct cultures whose differences are all too often irreconcilable.


Germany makes decision on Nord Stream 2

Germany will put an immediate halt to the certification of the Russian-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced, after Moscow recognized the two breakaway Donbass regions...

Lavrov: Russia checking reports about mercenaries for Donbass from Kosovo, Albania, B&H

Russia is double checking reports that mercenaries are being sent from Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina to Donbass, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with...

Ukraine, Poland, UK agree to set up 3-way cooperation memorandum

In a joint statement, the three countries said the memorandum would demonstrate the commitment to "further strengthening the strategic cooperation and engagement between our three nations on the highest...

Olaf Scholz: Issue of Ukraine’s membership in any alliances not on agenda

The issue of Ukraine’s membership in any alliances is not on the agenda, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday after talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev. "The...

Finland to sign deal bringing U.S.-built stealth jets to Russian border

Finland will sign a $9.4 billion agreement on Friday to buy U.S. F-35 fighter jets, bringing 64 radar-evading warplanes to a country bordering Russia at a time when Moscow...

Macron urged to comply with Minsk Accords following meeting with Zelensky

French President Emmanuel Macron urged to comply with the Minsk Accords that are the sole foundation for settling the crisis in Ukraine following a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart...

Dmytri Peskov: No major breakthrough in situation in Europe after Putin-Macron talks expected

Moscow does not expect any major breakthrough in the situation around Ukraine following talks between Russian and French presidents, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, that will take place on...

Christine Lambrecht: Germany discussing sending more troops to Lithuania

Germany is considering deploying additional troops to Lithuania, Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said, as tensions remained high over Russia's military build-up near Ukraine. In an interview with the Funke media...

First U.S. reinforcement troops for Europe arrive in Germany

The first U.S. troops reinforcing NATO allies in Eastern Europe and Germany amid a Russian military build-up on Ukraine's border have arrived in Germany, the U.S. military's European Command...

First U.S. reinforcement troops arrive in Poland, more expected

The first U.S. troops reinforcing NATO allies in Eastern Europe amid a Russian military build-up on Ukraine's border arrived on Saturday at Rzeszow military base in southeastern Poland. A small...

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Gustavo Petro

Historic Win for Left: Gustavo Petro Wins Colombian Elections

Bogota-SANA-Leftist candidate Gustavo Petro maintained a five percentage point difference, with 50 percent, against Rodolfo Hernandez during Colombia’s presidential runoff, with 79.6 percent of...

EU forced to buy Russian oil to prevent Putin from earning even more –...

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the European Union is forced to buy Russian oil so that Putin...

JP Morgan: The Russian economy is doing better than expected after the introduction of...

The large American bank "JP Morgan" estimates that the Russian economy is doing better than expected after the introduction of Western sanctions, and that...

Greenpeace: United Kingdom imported more than $ 275 million in Russian oil during the...

The British government has imported Russian oil worth 220 million pounds ($ 276 million) since Moscow declared war on Ukraine, according to a new...

The Hell of Volnovakha

The battle for this strategically important place was fought for two weeks. With the fall of Volnovakha and the northbound frontline push, a railway...