Anglo America

Anglo-America most often designates to a region in the Americas in which English is a main language and British culture and the British Empire have had significant historical, ethnic, linguistic and cultural impact.[


U. S. Space Force wants to use directed-energy systems for space superiority

The head of the Space Force acknowledged that the U.S. is developing the “appropriate” directed-energy systems to maintain American space superiority, although he declined to provide details in the...

Russia to exit Open Skies Treaty on December 18

Russia will completely withdraw from the Treaty on Open Skies on December 18, 2021, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday. "Russia has notified all the member states about its...

Will Biden change his rhetoric after 25 years of anti-Slavic policy? ...

Joe Biden is an American president who is known in his political career as an ardent Russophobe, and a supporter of American interventions in Slavic countries.    After the collapse...

Biden fumbles countries at G7, mistaking Libya for Syria

President Biden on Sunday committed a gaffe during a press conference at the G-7 summit, three times referring to Libya when aides said he meant to refer to the humanitarian...

Putin calls Biden ‘career man,’ hopes there won’t be any impulse-based movements

US President Joe Biden is a career politician and there is hope that there will not be any impulse-based movements, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with...

US Navy creates DDG(X) program office after years of delays for large combatant replacement

The U.S. Navy has created a new program office to usher the next class of destroyer into the fleet, after the service has struggled to find a replacement for...

Lockheed aims to produce 169 F-35 fighter jets in 2022

Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) aims to produce and deliver about 169 F-35 fighter jets in 2022, the U.S. weapons maker said on Wednesday at a conference hosted by brokerage Bernstein. The company...

Britain launches $2.3B logistics ship competition — again

By: Andrew Chuter Britain has relaunched a £1.6 billion (U.S. $2.3 billion) competition to build three logistic ships to support the deployments of Royal Navy aircraft carriers and other surface ships. The...

Two killed, over 20 wounded in Miami shooting

Three gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people in Miami, Florida, killing at least two and wounding about 20 others, ABC TV channel reported citing local police on Sunday. "I am...

US informs Russia that Washington won’t return to Open Skies Treaty

The Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Washington informed Moscow of its decision not to rejoin the Treaty on Open Skies. "We confirm this," the Russian diplomatic agency told TASS...

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US sets new Cuba sanctions as Biden meets Cuban-Americans

The Biden administration announced new sanctions on Friday against Cuba’s national revolutionary police and its top two officials as the U.S. looks to increase...

Ilyushin ready to modernize its IL-76 aircraft fleet from all around the world

MOSCOW, July 30. /TASS/. OJSC Il (part of United Aircraft Corporation, UAC) is ready to offer a modernized package for upgrades to Il-76 planes...

Nord Stream 2 is 99% complete, Fortuna barge is working at final section

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is by now 99% complete, the Fortuna pipe-laying barge is working at the final section, a representative with...

Il-112V to replace Soviet-time military transport aircraft — chief designer

MOSCOW, July 27. /TASS/. Russia’s latest military transport plane, Il-112V, will help to upgrade Russia’s fleet of military transport aircraft, currently dominated by Soviet-made...

Americans’ optimism about country’s direction over next year drops nearly 20 points since May

As President Joe Biden completed 100 days in office, the country was optimistic about the coming year, but now, just after hitting the six-month mark, Americans' optimism about the...