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Anglo-America most often designates to a region in the Americas in which English is a main language and British culture and the British Empire have had significant historical, ethnic, linguistic and cultural impact.[


New York City faces spike in shootings, sees massive year-to-date increases over 2020 and...

Shootings in the Big Apple have spiked compared to previous years. While there were a whopping 42 shooting incidents between April 26 and and May 2, there were just 14...

Biden to call for $4 trillion in new spending during joint address to Congress

President Joe Biden is expected to call for $4 trillion in new federal spending during his joint address to Congress on Wednesday evening. Biden's forthcoming $1.8 trillion American Families Plan...

Henry Kissinger warns of risk of U.S.-China ‘Cold War’

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned Friday that the U.S. government and the rest of the world has to work together to avoid a "Cold War" between the the U.S. and China...

Kurz suggests Putin look into Vienna as venue for potential Russia-US summit

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has proposed that Russian President Vladimir Putin consider Vienna as a potential venue for a Russian-US summit, according to the Kremlin press service, reporting on...

Yuri Ushakov: Putin-Biden meeting is likely in June, but this depends on many factors

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden are likely to hold a meeting in June, but the final decision will depend on many factors, Kremlin Aide...

Joe Biden formally recognizes Armenian Genocide

Joe Biden has formally recognized the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces as an act of genocide, becoming the first US president to do so since Ronald Reagan...

Russian and Norwegian experts are ready for joint economic projects in the Arctic

As part of the High North Dialogue Arctic 2050: Mapping the future, a panel discussion Arctic 2050: Mapping the future  was held on April 23, 2021. The umbrella theme...

Biden set to declare atrocities committed against Armenia were genocide

President Joe Biden on Saturday plans to follow through on a campaign pledge to formally recognize that atrocities committed against the Armenian people by the Ottoman Empire more than...

The U.S. Imports Record Share Of Russian Oil Despite Tensions

Tsvetana Paraskova U.S. refiners have turned to Russian oil and petroleum products to fill the gap that sanctioned Venezuelan crude and drastically reduced OPEC shipments have left in U.S. imports,...

US lifts sanctions on Iran!

Iran's IRNA news agency, citing The Wall Street Journal, reported today that the United States has decided to lift sanctions on Iran's Central Bank, Iran's National Oil Company, oil...

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U.S. adds just 266,000 jobs in April, far below expectations

The U.S. economy added a mere 266,000 jobs last month. Forecasters had floated gains close to 1 million, making this the biggest miss, relative to...

Russia’s ambassador to Berlin says Nord Stream 2 may be completed by late September

Russia’s Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechayev was hopeful that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would have been constructed by the Bundestag election scheduled...

Conference ‘Pandemic and Security in Europe’

The Alliance of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Anti-Fascists of the Republic of Croatia (SABA RH) organized an online conference "Pandemic and Security in Europe" on...

Corruption, economic woes spark deadly protests in Colombia

Kevin Anthony Agudelo wanted to live in a country where corruption was not part of everyday life. That dream motivated the electrician to join...

“General response to global challenges”: Russian Balkan Center opens in Serbia

The opening ceremony of the Russian Balkan Center took place in Belgrade. This non-governmental organization, led by former Serbian Ambassador to Russia Slavenko Terzic,...