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Africa is a study in diversity. Covering an area that spans the entire width of the continent beginning at the Mediterranean and ending at the southernmost tip of South Africa, the region is home to countless cultures, languages, religions, plants, animals and natural resources.


Egypt moves closer to fuel self-sufficiency with new refinery

In an effort to increase oil processing capacity, Egypt has announced the opening of a major refinery at a cost of 4.3 billion dollars in the Mostorod...

Turkey Bans Newspaper for Revealing Funerals of Soldiers Killed in Libya

The Turkish authorities blocked the website of the Yeni Yaşam newspaper, days after the issuance of prison sentences for its editor and news director.Yeni Yaşam reported this...

More than 3,000 mercenaries have left Libya: LNA

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:00 P.M.) – The Director of Moral Guidance in the Libyan National Army, Major General Khaled Al-Mahjoub, stated this week that the mercenaries deployed to...

Gas Without a Fight: Is Turkey Ready to Go to War for Resources in...

Active exploration of gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean has boosted the region’s importance for the local powers. Most European states depend on imports of energy resources,...

Islamic State warlord killed in Libya

A leader of the Northern African branch of the Islamic State terrorist group (outlawed in Russia) was killed in a Libyan National Army (LNA) operation in southern Libya, an...

Russia, Turkey may start joint exploration in offshore Mediterranean

'Russian companies have successfully implemented energy projects in the Mediterranean Sea,' the Russian minister statedANTALYA, July 26. /TASS/. Russian oil companies can roll out exploration in offshore...

Egypt renews oil import contract with Iraq

The Iraqi oil supply contract is due to expire in the coming days. Satisfied with oil cooperation with Iraq, Cairo has decided to renew this contract for...

Libyan Army strikes boat carrying Turkish-backed forces in Mediterranean

The Libyan National Army announced on Monday, that it had targeted a boat that violated the prohibited military zone, with “terrorists affiliated from the Sarraj militia on board.” The spokesperson...

Russian air defense system deployed to strategic Libyan city

A new video widely shared on social media shows a Russian air defense system being moved into a strategic city in Libya. According to the video, the Russian-made Pantsir-S1 system...

Egypt, Greece reach agreement in eastern Mediterranean amid tensions with Turkey

Egypt and Greece signed on Thursday, an agreement to demarcate the maritime borders between the two countries in the Mediterranean. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced, through its official account on...

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US Intel Chief Says No Evidence That Hunter Biden Laptop Is Part Of Russian...

John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, said Monday that the intelligence community does not have evidence that the release of emails from Hunter...

Mayor says no need to tighten restrictions in Moscow, ‘point solutions’ possible

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin does not see the necessity to tighten the restrictive measures due to the coronavirus yet doesn’t exclude "point solutions." "Many people...

Israel, Bahrain formalize diplomatic relations during joint US-Israeli visit to Gulf state

Bahrain has become the fourth Arab nation to formally establish diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv as officials from both states signed a joint communique...

Defense Minister says Iran will sell weapons to countries despised by US

According to Press TV, Brigadier General Amir Hatami said Iran will sell arms to the countries despised by the Americans if they...

Germany continues to expand its military presence in Lithuania

The German Air Force is setting up a Deployable Control and Reporting Centre (DCRC) at Šiauliai Air Base, Lithuania, supplemented by additional...