Kim Jong-un inspects the new submarine. The blurring was applied by North Korean censors. KCNA

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:00 P.M.) – The South Korean intelligence agency continues to monitor a new missile submarine that is set to enter the service of the North Korean Navy, the Yonhap Agency said.The agency quoted today, a South Korean intelligence source: “According to our information, the submarine is ready to enter the service of the North Korean naval forces. We are closely following the process of entering the combat service.”According to South Korean intelligence, a new non-nuclear missile submarine has been built in military shipbuilding yards in Sinbu, on the country’s east coast. ”Intelligence believes that the displacement of the new submarine water is 3,000 tons, and it is armed with three medium-range ballistic missiles of the Bukchksong type. -3.<In October 2019, the first test of this missile, with a range of 450 km, was carried out.The Yonhap agency indicated that the new missile submarine might become part of North Korea’s strategic forces.Sources: TASS.