Photo Credit: Reuters

The Indian Army announced on Tuesday that 20 of its soldiers were killed in clashes with Chinese forces in the disputed border region.

According to Reuters, the army said in a statement that 17 Indian soldiers had died from serious wounds, along with an officer and two soldiers who had died earlier.

The statement added that the clash between the forces of the two countries has since been halted, following deescalation efforts by China and India.

On June 16, Indian officials said that a clash occurred between Indian and Chinese soldiers at the disputed border, which resulted in casualties on both sides, including three Indian soldiers, in the deadliest confrontation in weeks.

The two countries exchanged accusations over responsibility for the confrontation that occurred at the Ladakh area in the western Himalayas on Monday.

Since early May, hundreds of soldiers have faced each other in three locations, with each side accusing the other of infringement.

Source: Almasdarnews, June 16, 2020