Photo Credit: War is Boring

Chinese military aircraft were seen near Taiwan on Monday for the second consecutive day, the Ministry of National Defense said, adding that it has been keeping close tabs on the situation.

Military spokesman Shih Shun-wen (???) said the ROC Armed Forces have a full grasp of the latest developments and are safeguarding the national sovereignty and the safety of Taiwanese people.

The spokesman, however, did not elaborate on the Taiwan military response, nor did he disclose the exact number of Chinese aircraft that flew past earlier in the day.

Shih made the statements after the Taiwan media reported that a number of Chinese military planes had been carrying out a long-distance flight mission near Taiwan earlier in the day, flying close to the island’s southern coast and into the Western Pacific.

It was the second day in a row that such actions by Chinese military aircraft were observed on a similar path.

On Sunday, Chinese J-11 jet fighters, KJ-500 early warning aircraft and H-6 bombers, flew over the Bashi Channel south of Taiwan and into the Western Pacific Ocean, before returning to their bases via the Miyako Strait northeast of Taiwan, as part of a long-distance training session, according to the MND.

Taiwan’s Air Force responded by scrambling its F-16 jets, equipped with missiles, and mobilizing other surveillance and air defense assets, the MND said.

Source: War is Boring, February 11, 2020