Photo Credit: Reuters

The Chinese authorities called on India to stop its “provocative activities” along the border, stressing that there is close communication between the two countries to resolve the tension in the area through diplomatic channels.

“We call on India to desist from provocative activities on the border between the two countries,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang said during a press conference Wednesday.

“The two sides (China and India) are working closely to find a solution to the border tension through diplomatic channels,” he added.

It is mentioned that the Indian army representative previously reported that an Indian officer and two soldiers were killed during a clash that occurred on Monday, and the army announced later on Tuesday that 17 soldiers were killed alongside the officer and two soldiers during the clashes, and at the present time, senior military officials in the two countries are negotiating to settle The situation at the border.

Source: Almasdarnews, June 17, 2020