hypersonic weapon

The United States is losing its military edge to Russia and economic supremacy to China, according to an author and political commentator in Chicago.

Stephen Lendman made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday.

American military officials say the US special operations forces are ill-equipped for high-tech warfare with China and Russia, stressing the need for Washington to develop new capabilities in the field of military power to be able to compete with the two geopolitical rivals.

General Richard Clarke, commander of special operations command (Socom), told a virtual conference this week that the US needed to develop new capabilities to “compete and win” with Russia and China.

Clarke added that the 70,000-strong Socom forces, which include US Navy Seals, Army Green Berets and Marine Corps Raiders, must develop cyber skills and focus on influence campaigns rather than “the kill-capture missions” that characterized their time in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Clarke made the comments as both Russia and China are developing high-tech military capabilities to field the technology and erode America’s military dominance.

Following is the text of Lendman’s interview with Press TV:

Well, the reason is China is growing very prominent on the world stage, economically, politically and militarily, industrially, technologically and at some point China will pass the US as number one in the world.

The US is pretty dominant militarily, but it’s second to Russia in terms of super weapons. It’s been a while that I wrote about that. Russia’s super weapons way exceed the US.

So there is no possibility that the US would attack Russia, knowing that Russia could literally turn US cities to rubble with their hypersonic missiles, with thermo-nuclear warheads and the US has nothing that is able to intercept these missiles.

They’re desperately trying to come up with hypersonic missiles of their own, but when they do Russia will even better ones. Russia is spending maybe 5 or 10 percent what the US spends on militarism and weapons and all the rest of it, and Russia has built super weapons when the US has.

Well, China is moving in this direction, and what the US really feels about China is that it really is an economic powerhouse. And there’s no question that barring a nuclear war will kill us all but in the years ahead China will be the dominant economic power, and the US will no longer be number one. At best it will be number two, and the US cannot tolerate that idea, but it’s coming.

When nuclear weapons were first developed the US and Russia tested them in the atmosphere. I mean that ended a long time ago, at least mostly ended a long time ago. And they were smaller nuclear weapons than the ones that exist today.

I wrote about I wrote about what a nuclear weapon could do to a city like New York, and the Greater New York area. It’s been a number of years ago I wrote the article and I don’t remember all of the details but I do remember the general gist of the article.

It was absolutely horrific that there would be no place, anybody within a pretty wide radius of ground zero, could hide and not be absolutely incinerated either incinerated or suffocated because the weapons suck all the air out of the atmosphere in the blast area.

And then the thermo nukes today infinitely more powerful than the weapons used in Hiroshima and Nakasaki. It’s pretty frightening stuff. It’s very scary because something could happen accidentally. It nearly did with the Cuban Missile Crisis in October, 1962.

I don’t know how long the uncertainly went on like maybe in an hour, two hours but there was a period when it was uncertain whether there would be a nuclear war between both countries.

I don’t know exactly what to say but nobody knew this exactly until there was a reunion some years ago between US and Russian officials, reviewing the event that both sides knew from their perspective of what went on, and that review showed that both countries came very, very close to having a nuclear war, and there never was a threat by Cuba or the Soviet Union to the US. Soviet Union didn’t want a war. Cuba for certain didn’t want a war and it’s a good thing that Jack Kennedy was president.

Can you imagine that someone like Trump or Hilary Clinton was president back then? They probably would have had a nuclear war and had there been a nuclear war you and I wouldn’t be talking to each other right now.

I look forward to getting ready to him, but I’m afraid whoever succeeds him, whether it’s in, whether it’s in next January or four years from next January things will be at least as bad and they’ll probably be worse than they are now. That’s the problem.

The US is a one-party state — two wings — and they take turns running the country. And over the years there have been hardliners, who replace people who are more moderate. So there will be hardliners running the country. And they want all sovereign independent countries transformed into the vessel states. That’s why all these wars, hot wars and sanction wars and the rest of it go on.