U.S. president Donald Trump
President Donald Trump has offered federal assistance to the mayors of cities dealing with violent “antigovernment” protests, saying he can “solve [the] problem fast” if they can’t properly police their own communities.

“These riots are an antigovernment movement from the Left that are all in Democrat run cities,” the president tweeted on Sunday. “The mayors have got to let their police do what they know how to do. Would be very easy to suppress or, call in the Federal Government. We will solve problem fast!”

The tweet comes as multiple cities saw Black Lives Matter-related protests again devolve into violence over the weekend, including Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado.

In Portland, protesters have taken to storming residential neighborhoods, vandalizing law enforcement buildings, and even throwing feces-filled balloons at cops and their vehicles. Some demonstrators also violently clashed with right-wing, pro-police protesters on Saturday, with the two sides brawling in downtown Portland.

Meanwhile, anti-police protesters in Denver have taken to setting fires, committing acts of vandalism, and attempting to breach the Colorado State Capitol.

Trump previously deployed federal agents to Portland after protesters targeted a federal courthouse by attempting to start a fire on the property. Though the tactics of the officers in dealing with protesters were controversial, and the president agreed to allow the city’s mayor to take control in dealing with the ongoing demonstrations, violence in the city has prompted him to threaten a more federal response several times.

On Saturday, he offered the services of the National Guard to help control the “rioting” in the city, promising this would “end the problem immediately.”

Source: Russia Today, August 23rd, 2020