Joe Biden (Photo Credit: Spencer Platt)

President Trump called-out Joe Biden’s 47-year long record on social media Wednesday; saying the Democratic nominee wants to abolish ICE, bail, the suburbs, the 2nd Amendment, and the American way of life.

“Joe Biden and the Radical Left want to Abolish Police, Abolish ICE, Abolish Bail, Abolish Suburbs, Abolish the 2nd Amendment – and Abolish the American Way of Life. No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s America!” posted Trump on Twitter.

Trump spoke from the White House Rose Garden Tuesday on America’s trade relationship with Beijing; saying Joe Biden’s entire career has been a “gift” the Chinese Communist Party.

“Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party… It’s been devastating to the American worker. China has taken out hundreds of millions of dollars from our country,” said the President.

“They allowed this to happen… Hundreds of millions of dollars were taken out of the United States Treasury to help rebuild China,” he added.