U.S. president Donald Trump

Kamala Harris made history last night as the first black woman to accept a VP nomination for either main political party. She also helped make history for President Donald Trump’s poll numbers, which saw a surge thereafter (though to be fair – there was no shortage of speakers who could’ve unintentionally boosted Trump!)

In the Rasmussen Poll, President Trump’s approval stood at 47% yesterday – but made an incredible four percentage point leap this morning to 51%. When I reached out to Rasmussen to confirm that the sampling for today’s poll wasn’t taken before the DNC began to air, they said the polling data was being accumulated as the DNC speeches were ongoing. In other words, it is likely that some people were being directly influenced by the DNC – albeit not in favor of any Democrats.

Obama also spoke last night and blasted Trump for not taking the presidency seriously – but Obama’s approval was two percentage points lower than Trump’s was at this exact same point in their respective presidencies.

For the most part there’s been a consensus that this cycle’s DNC has been a complete snoozefest. The speeches ain’t great, and the ads spliced in-between feel eerily similar to drug commercials (except the Dems don’t mention the side effects of their policies).

Biden is a candidate that has attracted little enthusiasm, and that has shown up in the DNC’s ratings, which are down by nearly half since 2016 on TV. For the fourth and final night, their ratings will likely be down 100% in my household.