A demaged building in Aleppo (Marina Lystseva/TASS)

Damascus demanded that the American administration “compensate for the heavy damage and heavy losses inflicted by the American aggression and occupation against the Syrian people.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that Syria “bears the US administration’s consequences for its criminal policies against the Syrian people,” adding that “the United States and its tools in the world and the region are involved in sponsoring an unprecedented terrorist war” against Syria.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry reviewed the US administration’s positions regarding Syria from recognizing Israel’s annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan to the new method represented by “direct American intervention in northeastern Syria by supporting terrorist separatist militias in that region, not to mention its control of terrorist ISIS elements and assigning them to terrorist tasks inside Syria and outside it, and the direct American military intervention in bombing the infrastructure that the Syrian people built with their efforts and capabilities.”

They continued that the American administration “added to their crimes the theft of Syrian oil and Syrian wheat and their use to serve their coffers and terrorists at the expense of starving the Syrian people, impoverishing them and depriving them of their national wealth in an attempt to complete their inhuman measures represented by the notorious Caesar Act and their pressures on the countries of the world with the aim of stopping their economic dealings with Syria. and the Syrian people were suffocated by their daily power.”

The Syrian Foreign Ministry described the US practices in Syria as “behavior outside international law that deserves condemnation and accountability on the part of the international community.”

They concluded by accusing the US of controlling the Syrian-Iraqi border for the purpose of plundering oil and wheat.