Joseph Biden (Photo Credit: AFP/Mark Makela)

Among the second set of documents released by the New York Post last week were emails involving two different business schemes Hunter Biden is alleged to have organized with the Chairman of the Chinese energy company CEFC.  I wrote about those documents in this story.

Hunter Biden Was Set to Earn Millions For “Making Introductions” for the Benefit of Chinese Intelligence Operatives.

One of the schemes was mentioned in an email copied to Hunter Biden, written by a gentleman named James Gilliar, and directed to another man named Tony Bobulinski.

The first thing to notice is the date, May 2017, after Joe Biden was out of office.  But what was the Chinese partner paying for if not whatever influence Joe Biden might have?

If Joe Biden had stayed in retirement, this deal would have been between him and the IRS.  But he’s in an election for President in two weeks, he’s denied he had any involvement with any of Hunter Biden’s business activities, and he’s not appropriately connected to any foreign enterprise.

Late on Wednesday, Tony Bobulinski issued a written statement to address the continued suggestions in the press and from the Biden campaign that the documents obtained by the NY Post from the laptop left at the Wilmington computer repair shop are the product of some bizarre Russian influence operation that was run through Rudy Giuliani and Ukrainian actors.

In his statement, Mr. Bobulinski said the email is authentic, it was sent to him by Gilliar, and it is an accurate representation of the deal parameters between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business partner Ye Jian Ming, Chairman of CEFC.  The business was eventually named “Sinohawk Holdings”.