Joseph Biden (Photo Credit: AFP/Mark Makela)

Why does Joe Biden hate the press? Does he have tyrannical dictatorship designs? Is he a toxic hater of free speech who to rule with an iron fist like the foreign dictators he loves in China?

That’s what the press ask ever time Trump criticizes them. But Biden does it, too. In fact he flips out on them when they don’t fall in lineA lot. (Like Pelosi did to Wolf Blitzer the other day, by the way.)

Biden did it again last night, when someone asked him about the New York Post story he ordered Twitter to suppress.

CBS reporter Bo Erickson had the Audacity of challenging Dope, and got his head bit clean off.

Biden doesn’t like it when reporters ask him about anything that doesn’t help him. He’s offended by it, because he EXPECTS them to help him. That’s the same reason Pelosi flipped out. They can’t handle the shock to the system when a member of the media isn’t actively assisting them.

Too bad there’s so much to ask him about.