Nord Stream 2

The parliamentary group of the German parliamentary party “Greens” received an answer to its inquiry about the harmfulness of American liquefied (LNG) gas, sent to the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, which reads: American LNG is just as harmful to the climate as coal. We remind you that in the next ten years, Germany intends to completely get rid of coal as a fossil fuel, as well as all nuclear power plants as part of the “green” policy adopted by the EU.

A copy of the document with the stated official answer was given to the German media RND (RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland). All this is a consequence of the statement of Russian Gazprom from the beginning of last summer, when, to those who spoke about the ecological problems of Russian gas from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, it indicated that the gas from that gas pipeline is 3 times cleaner than American LNG gas.

The German Ministry of Ecology announced that in the transition phase to complete decarbonisation, natural gas can replace coal and crude oil, which have higher levels of harmful emissions. However, this does not apply to LNG obtained by fracking technology, as in the US. “It can be said that the use of liquefied gas transported to Europe gives only a slightly more economical indicator of harmful emissions compared to coal and significantly worse than natural gas from the pipeline,” the Ministry said in a response. It is also added that, even if LNG is produced on German territory, it would not have any positive effects on the achievement of climate goals: “In addition, the production of non-traditional gas carries significant risks, e.g. for groundwater and arable land. “

The RND media believes that the opinion of the German federal government, expressed through this response, could be explosive given the efforts of the US and Poland to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and saturate Europe with US LNG. All the more so as the German government made concessions to the Americans and allowed the construction of two LNG terminals on its territory to receive liquefied gas. “However, LNG is significantly more expensive than gas from the pipeline. The climatic consequences, which are now being assessed by the Ministry of Ecology, could be another argument against the import of American gas, produced by fracking technology, “the German media states.