Joseph Biden (Photo Credit: AFP/Mark Makela)
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has mocked an interviewer who asked him if he would take a cognitive test, and also dismissed Donald Trump’s challenge to do so.

“Why the hell would I take a test?” the 77-year-old politician asked, during a Tuesday Yahoo News interview after confirming that he has not taken one. Biden then used his catchphrase “come on, man” to mock the very idea, adding that it is like asking the interviewer, Errol Barnett, if he has been taking cocaine before the interview.

Biden concluded by saying he believes that Barnett was trying to “goad” him during the interview, but nevertheless he is looking forward to have an opportunity to “sit or stand with the president on the debates.” The presumptive Democratic Party nominee then cut himself off, concerned he would say “something he shouldn’t say.”

The question of Biden’s mental fitness arose largely due to him repeatedly mis-speaking or seemingly forgetting words. This happened so often since the beginning of the US campaign season that it prompted online community to make ‘blooper reels’ of his speeches.

Trump has repeatedly bragged about his great results after taking the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, which is used to screen for cognitive impairments, saying that “it’s actually not that easy” but for him it was, and spawning a viral phrase “person, woman, man, camera, TV” while trying to explain one of the tasks.

In a July Fox News interview, Trump talked about receiving perfect marks and said that Biden “could not answer those questions.”“Biden can’t put two sentences together,” he added.

Donald Trump has for some time played up the allegations that Biden might be mentally unfit for office, even going as far as to say that the presidential hopeful “doesn’t know he’s alive.”

The topic has birthed speculation that various media outlets are trying and cancel the presidential debates.

Source: Russia Today, August 5th, 2020