British train

The UK’s largest rail freight company has suspended the use of electric trains and switched to diesel locomotives. The company could not withstand the record increase in electricity prices.

“As a result of the jump in prices in the wholesale electricity market in the UK, the operating costs of trains rose by more than 210% from September to October,” Freightliner said in a statement. “Freightliner has made the difficult decision to temporarily replace electric trains with diesel locomotives to maintain efficiency in the transport of goods across the UK.”

American Freightliner is a global player and the largest rail carrier in the UK. The operator’s website states that it has more than 225 locomotives and annually transports 770,000 containers and 31 million tons of other cargo across the country.

Freightliner explained that they planned to use more and more electric trains to reduce CO2 emissions, and the current decision is against the company’s strategy, but it is necessary.

Railfreight explains that Freightliner used more than 100 electric trains.

“In a month’s time Glasgow will host a global conference on climate change and this is a serious blow to the British government ahead of events,” said RMT union secretary general Mick Lynch.

“Given that the transport industry is already in crisis and with the threat of empty shelves this Christmas, we should encourage the use of rail freight, and not make them at a loss due to new electricity prices. One operator reported an increase in costs of £ 8m (€ 9m), ”said the union leader.