Photo Credit: New York Post

Dozens of marching protesters were arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday night after clashing with NYPD cops and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake in response to the Philadelphia police shooting death of an armed black man.

About 200 protesters met in Fort Greene Park before snaking their way through the streets, vandalizing police vehicles, torching an American flag and igniting at least one rubbish fire during their travels, according to footage posted to social media by video journalist Issa Khari.

“Burn the precinct to the ground, every city, every town!” the group, mainly clad in black, chanted as they marched near Boerum Place and Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn.

Near Willoughby and Jay streets, several protesters chucked rocks and bottles at police officers, sources said. Others in the group wielded pieces of wood.

Nearby, a man in the crowd stole a pumpkin off the steps of a brownstone and hurled it at a car windshield.

Other protesters were spotted tagging random buildings in the group’s path.

One man spray painted “RIP Walter,” on a building facade, a reference to the man they were protesting for, Walter Wallace, the knife-wielding black man who was fatally shot by police in Philadelphia Monday.

Members of the crowd broke windows of an Urban Outfitters and Bank of America on Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill.

At about 10 p.m. Tuesday the protesters were met by police in riot gear on Atlantic Avenue near Boerum Place.

Police ordered the protesters to disperse, or face arrests. But some in the group tried to run past the cops, leading to a confrontation and close to 30 arrests, sources said.

At the same intersection, the driver of a car accelerated through a line of cops after being ordered to stop. One cop suffered a leg injury, sources said.

Police broke several of the vehicle’s windows in a bid to stop the car before the driver sped away. It’s unclear if the vehicle and its occupants were affiliated with the protest.