Syrian oil
Syrian oil

by Vladimir Gujanicic

After more than seven years of uninterrupted warfare, the Syrian economy is outraged. And if the Syrian army has reclaimed all oil sources from the right bank of the Euphrates, a large part of them has been destroyed by NATO aviation and the Islamic state in retaliation so that the reconstruction of the production goes quite slowly. For now, the Syrian government relies heavily on its own production and assistance from Iran. In the last month after the intensified sanctions of America, there have been the formation of kilometer columns in front of the inferior stations. Nevertheless, the Syrian energy minister promised residents that the crisis would be resolved within the next ten days.

The first decision in this field was made in solving the border crossing between Syria and Iraq, Abu Kamal-Al Kaim. Syria and Iraq have decided to fully open the borders at express speed, after which thousands of Syrian troops were sent to the desert area to secure a land route, as all the cells of the Islamic state were not cleared. There was also news that a large convoy of oil had entered Iraq from Syria, but this information has not been confirmed, but there is no doubt that Iran and Iraq will soon start bringing convoys of oil and other products. This decision is very important when Egypt agreed to hold US sanctions against Iran, for which it received the most likely financial compensation.

However, an Iranian tanker, who was in front of Suez at the time of the sanctions, managed to pass the channel in spite of the Egyptian ban. It’s not clear what his final destination is. It was originally considered that the Iranian tanker would go directly to Latakia to deliver over-oil to overcome the current crisis. For now, it seems that the ship is heading towards Turkey, so its final destination is unclear as well as the way in which it will deliver energy to Syria. Agreements on the construction of thermal power plants and refineries signed with Iran will be implemented in the next two to three years, so they do not affect the overcoming of the current crisis, but are a supply for the future. Iran and this act shows that the ally of Syria and Axis of Resistance project in all fields remains faithful.

Helping Damascus came from the direction of Lebanon, which sent convoys of oil tankers. This news was greeted with great joy. And if Syria has come out with its allies as a regional winner, the United States in every way tries to slow down the connection of B. East because that’s the only thing left. The last news came from Russia, that Syria would soon get oil directly from the Black Sea, with Crimea. Thus, Syria is provided with multiple assistance in the near future.

There is no doubt that Syria will come out of this battle as a winner, as it came out of the previous battles. Time works for Syria, and Assad knows that patience is the most important ally of Syria in this long battle.

NOTE: This article first appeared at Fort Russ.