Turkish navy

Egyptian military researcher Mohamed Al-Kenany said this past weekend that Egypt’s desire to possess the Russian coastal defense system, the “Bastion”, which is anti-ship, is not due to the ongoing conflict in the Mediterranean.

The Egyptian researcher pointed out that the matter dates back to 2015, according to the Russian news agency TASS at the time, as he stressed that the armament contracts between Egypt and Russia include the Bastion system.

Kenany noted that Egypt’s acquisition of these systems is logical and expected within the framework of the comprehensive plan for the  development of the Egyptian Navy, which will certainly include obtaining modern coastal defense systems to replace the outdated ones.

According to the Egyptian researcher, the Bastion system is considered one of the most important and effective global deterrent systems in this field, especially in light of the huge need to secure new and develop the naval bases in Egypt and the economic regions east of the Mediterranean, in front of two regional powers: Israel and Turkey.

The Egyptian researcher indicated that the Bastion can protect 600 km of coastline and secure a sea area of ​​100,000 square kilometres, and the number of missile launchers in the system can reach a maximum of 18 vehicles.

Each is armed with two vertical launchers, with a total of 36 missiles for the system, with the ability to engage with 24 targets in the simultaneous launch mode.

He added: “The maximum range of the yakhont missile will reach 300 km in the event of a flying mode at a high altitude of 14 km above sea level for a distance of 250 km, then it will drop to a height of 10-15 meters above the sea level in the last stage.”