French frigate

On Wednesday, the French Ministry of Defense said that a French ship participating in a NATO mission in the Mediterranean Sea had recently undergone a “very violent” maneuver by Turkish frigates.

The French Ministry of Defense said their frigate was attempting to identify a cargo ship suspected of transporting weapons to Libya, when a Turkish frigate intercepted their ships in the Mediterranean.

In the statement, they stressed that this was “very aggressive.” The defense has reported that it intends to denounce the behavior it described as “very dangerous” during the coalition meeting on June 17.

A French Defense Ministry official said that NATO should not bury its head in the sand regarding Turkey’s recent behavior towards its members.

The French official accused the Turkish Navy of harassing a French warship carrying out a mission to NATO.

“We have gone through complicated moments in the alliance, but we cannot be an ostrich, and we pretend that there is no problem with Turkey in the alliance, we must recognize it, disclose it and deal with it,” he declared before a NATO defense ministers summit.

Turkey has since denied these claims by France.

Source: Almasdarnews, June 18, 2020