Russian Civil Airplanes (Photo Credit: Marina Lystseva/TASS)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:10 P.M.) – A Libyan military source told RT Arabic on Thursday that a Turkish cargo plane was intercepted along the coast of Misrata and forced to return home.

The Egyptian and Libyan media had reported that 3 Turkish cargo planes were heading towards the western region of Libya when they were spotted by the Libyan National Army (LNA).

No further details were released about the cargo plane; however, if true, this would be an important move for the Libyan National Army, as they have been trying to prevent the Turkish Ministry of Defense’s deliveries to the North African nation.

This news comes just a day after the Greek Navy reportedly intercepted a Turkish cargo ship that was en route to Libya.

Turkey has not commented on these allegations.

Meanwhile, the clashes in the western part of the countryside intensified between the Government of National Accord and Libyan National Army on Thursday, with the former achieving new advances.