Members of Amhara region militias ride on their truck as they head to face the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), in Sanja, Amhara region near a border with Tigray, Ethiopia November 9, 2020

A spokesman for the federal government of Ethiopia announced on Tuesday that the Ethiopian Military Northern Command complex in the capital of the Tigray region has fallen into the hands of local forces.

“They managed to take control of the entire complex in Mekelle because we did not have enough weapons and personnel there,” Radwan Hussain, spokesman for the newly formed Emergency Task Force for the Tigray conflict, said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

In the same context, an official in the eastern Sudanese state of Kassala said that about 2,500 Ethiopians have crossed the border into Sudan during the past two days, fleeing the fighting in their country.

Al-Sir Khaled, Director of the Office of the Sudanese Refugee Commission in the state, added that the number is increasing around the clock, and that these people need shelter, medical treatment and food, and there is a great shortage of that. He expected an increase in the flow of refugees if the conflict continues.

At the same time, Ethiopian media said that federal forces took control of an airport in the Tigray region in the northern part of the country, during an attack on local leaders who challenged the authority of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed .

Hundreds were killed in the escalating conflict, which some fear could descend into civil war in light of intense hostility between the Tigrayans and the government of Abiy Ahmed, who belongs to the Oromo people, which forms the majority of Ethiopia’s population.